Use of the Inventories

These inventories are available for non-commercial use only. The monthly total emissions, by pollutant, with 0.1 by 0.1 degree spatial resolution may be freely downloaded from this website. You may also contact us to inquire about and discuss conditions of sharing and use for daily inventories, source-specific emission inventories for some pollutants (Table 2), or the results of Monte Carlo simulation-based uncertainty analyses.
The files with the extension 'nc' contain monthly gridded emission data (1800x3600) provided in Network Common Data Form (NetCDF). Each file includes 12 monthly datasets for a given year. The files are named according to the following standard: ‘’. For example, the file ‘’ contains monthly emissions for black carbon (BC) for total sectors in 2014.
Of note, for one inventory, namely methane (CH4), only annual emission data for China for total sectos are available at this stage. It is also the first version. The file name is PKU-CH4-China-v1.
All datasets and maps provided through this website may be used for non-commercial use only. For any use of these data, proper citation must be provided by the users (Table 1).
The project team disclaims any liability with respect to inaccurate data and information on this website.

Data Download

Proper citation must be included in references for any kinds of usage of data from the files below.


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